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I attempted to REGISTER my card online. After trying and failing to do so twice I called 866-633-9096.

I spoke with 2 different people, the first lady told me to try a different web browser so I did, after putting in all of my registration information it still didnt work. The lady told me to try another one and then basically hung up on me.

The second time I called back i spoke with a "supervisor" and after having me do the same exact steps the first lady I called and spoke with told me to do, 3 different times, I finally gave up and decided it was not worth it. If my card does not work when i try to use it i will let the proper authorities know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Not being able to speak with someone who could fix the problem.

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Hey, I have a total fix for this. The exact same thing happened to me on TWO different occasions, the customer support is garbage, I would recommend never calling that number.

I was having the same experience with going to the registration website, and it keep saying that the card was invalid/in the process of being registered/etc.. The fix for me was simply using Firefox, rather than Safari.

It could've been an adblocker or something, but a virgin Firefox browser registered the card no problem. Hope somebody has their stressed relieved like I did.


Why not just ask your bank for some crisp brand new bills to give the person? Explain to the bank that they are for a gift and that you want the bills to be so new that they are sticking together.


Hey there! I was having the same problem trying to register my card online in 12/18.

I was very frustrated bc it was a $100 gift card. I just tried again 3/23 and was having the same problems. I looked into it some online and I read that if your gift card is >$250 then you have to register it. So I called the 866# on the back of my card to check my balance and sure enough there is $100 on it.

So I'm assuming it's good to use. I guess we'll see.

Maybe it's the same for you. Good luck!


I’m having the same issue however when I call, I can’t reach an actual person.


I had the same problem!


These cards are a bogus waste of time and money! If you try to register it you get a message telling you that they are trying to validate/activate the card.

You try again - it tells you it cannot be activated, try again in 24hours. Call the 866 # and really get the electronic run-a-round.

The holidays are going to be *** on folks trying to use these cards on line. Get your purse, cash and head for the malls people!!!

@lelanei lee

i'm from chile and the only way to use it, is online... *** waste of time.


Highway robbery


I now know I am not the only one. Walmart gift card business is a scam!


You're right. Walmart Gift Card is a TOTAL SCAM.

I use gift cards all the time due to how many times I've had credit card theft. So, I'm thinking that there is nothing in it for the bank if you register your card.

You are the only one who could possibly benefit from registering so of course they put ZERO resources into it and they make it near impossible to report as there is no e-mail address listed in the FAQ. Clearly the site is only up in order to comply with the anemic consumer protection laws that are allowed to exist here in the home of greedy and land of the glutens.