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I bought an Applebee's gift card while standing in line at Wal-mart. When the recipient tried to use it, there was a zero balance.

I called the store and because I misplaced my reciept I was told that "I was out of luck".

I called Applebee's and because I paid with a check card, my reciept could be retrieved. That card had been sold 4 times since March because it wasn't activated and then returned. I can't prove it, but I'm sure the clerks were pocketing the money.

Call the 800 number before leaving the store to verify that the card is loaded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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:( Same thing happened to me! It was a set of 3 $10.00 giftcards for AppleBee's! It wouldn't work with my recipients, and of course, made me look like ***.


:( Same story here; I bought a Connections by Hallmark Valentine card at a Walmart store in Omaha with an Applebee's gift card inside. I was charged for the card alone - $2.63 and when I tried to activate the gift card at an Applebee's restaurant, they said it was not their card and was invalid.

I was told to back to the Walmart store I purchased the card and gift card from and they had no clue how to activate it either. I also tried calling the 800-number on the back of the gift card and was referred to another number who said for to call Hallmark. When I did that, they said they had nothing to do with Applebee's and finally was given a number for a rep that deals with Walmart and Applebee's gift cards. I have yet to get a phone call back but my point is, this is DECEPTIVE and FRAUDULENT on both Walmart, Applebee's and Hallmark's behalf if no one knows anything at all about the *** card to begin with.

No one is taking responsibility for it. :?


I received a gift card while at a reunion two years ago - it was put in with the organization's records - this year I found it (as a new officer) - tried to use it on March 31, 2010. the clerk said there was no money on it.

It was still in the envelope with $25 written on the envelope.

She told me to call the number on the back of the card which I did and all I could get was the history about trying to use it on March 31 with 0 purchase. That was the first time the card had even tried to be used. The card number is 6027 1321 5689 1318 Pin 0420. She said there was a record of the money put on it.

Please advise if I will receive a new card or what. My telephone is 580-482-1649, e-mail harrisjoyce@att.net


how the he** is an employee pocketing the money if you paid with a check card? the software in the register will not allow a refund at the store.

all gift cards for 3rd party companies have to be refunded by the 3rd party company. applebees got paid when you bought the card. dont make stuff up. the strip on the card may have been damaged.

do you have any idea how many *** come into retail locations saying they want cash back for a card they ever paid for. always save your receipt.


Yeah, well, some people should be more responsible. Some people try to return those cards and they're actually stolen...

So, yeah. Sometimes things just happen. People make mistakes, doesn't mean they meant to make them.

The registers are counted down every night and believe it or not we are watched. Well, at my store we are anyways.


lol, your fault. Everyone knows to hold on to the receipt when you buy a gift card.