Augusta, Georgia
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Got a 100 dollar gift card for x mas that I had used twice. Still had over 25 dollars on it and went to spend it yesterday. The cashier could not get it to go through so she said it was empty and slid it into that little slot where they also put coupons before I could say a word. I said it was not and showed her the little print out they give you when still have money on a card.

She said she couldn't get the card out and to go to customer service I did and had to wait in line for a long time. A CSM finally came and was able to get my card from that little slot. Can't these things un lock? Because she had to take another piece of paper and slide it until she managed to get a hold of the end of the card. The whole time I had customers giving me dirty looks and huffing like crazy.

Well, we took the card to customer service and they scanned it, over 25 dollars as I said. 25 dollars is a lot of money to me. I did not get one apology everybody just acted like, oh well...

So I wasted almost an hour of my time getting this mess straightened out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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This is normal WalMart "customer service." Most people with any sense of being a human being do not shop at WalMart due to their normal rude, obnoxious employees.