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I was very nice ti this girl but she was very rude when i asked for ham 1 lb she cut me turkey instead and it was 2 lbs i told her i ask for ham and only one lbs and she throw it on counter and said this is wath you asked for take your *** and leave i couldnt belive what i heard i left it there with my cart and will never go back to that store in silver spring ,fla walmart. I had other friends of mine tell about the girls in that deli didnt belive it till i heard it with my own ears

Monetary Loss: $6.

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jane brown stole your man and your mad? she works at walmart leave her alone. be mad at your man


I think the original poster.. catwomen?

did ask for turkey but she thought she asked for ham. I mean it sounds like a normal mistake for her with how horrible her grammar is.


She wouldn't let me use my groupon


I love how she names the employee but hides behind a user name. Pathetic.


I am sure also that it was a communication problem. If you can't even type and spell at a second grade level and if you speak the way you type she probably misunderstood you.

Besides you just let the meat get bad.

PJ you can always also contact MrsLea. Her husband works at Walmart head office and she can get them fired.


The Op makes me ashamed to be male. Why do men think it is okay to call grown women "girls" It is degrading. Yet if you called the OP a boy.(despite the fact that he spells and behaves like a young boy) he would find that offensive.


If your speech is as bad as your grammar, there is no doubt the mistake was YOUR FAULT. Seriously, how do you misspell "to"...IT'S A TWO FŪ¢K1NG LETTER WORD.


If this actually happened, I would've taken the turkey and b**** slapped her with it. This seems a little out there to me and Jane Brown sounds as fake as Jane Doe,but if I'm wrong then I apologize


Always complain to the management. I have gotten management and in front of the employee tell them what the employee did and then ask management what they plan on doing? If they want a job they need to work not just show up for a paycheck

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