Phoenix, Arizona

My Visio lasted eighteen mounts I have a service plan that expires Feb 8 2014 I get the run around and a different answer every time I talk to them you just can not trust some one that tells you a different answer ever time do not buy from any buiseness with out checking the internet for these issues I should have knowned better with the Rep that walmart has but maybe this will help some one else and they will not go through what I now am suffering through with a right wing corpoation like them listen to the people

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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You are absolutely right. Do not ever buy from them and if you have to or know someone that does- they need to be warned to NEVER BUY WAL-MART EXTEDED WARRANTY!!!

It is not worht the paper it's written on. I foolishly bought 3 laptops, 2 I-pods,big screen t.v. and a tablet only to find out they won't cover any of them. Apple and Toshiba had to deal with it and they were both great-no questions asked.[I could not get my money back from them on the warranty when I realized they won't cover it]because it had been over 30 days!

Wal-mart is a joke! They are losing customers lefta dn right now as they should.

Scamming people is wrong. I now choose to but from a reputable place that backs their warranties.


Call the company who your warranty is through (hint: It's not Wal-Mart).