Salt Lake City, Utah
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I don't like the new mist spray in the can Glade put out. I prefer the powder spray because it is much cleaner.

With the new mist spray, you need to use more to get the same effect when you use the powder spray, and then the mist spray ends up all over everywhere, including my clothes. It goes on the floor, the rugs, the bathtub and sink, not to mention my towels. I have been a Glade customer for many years, and was perfectly happy with the powder spray.

Sometimes change isn't good! Please, Glade, bring back the powder spray!

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This isn't Walmart's fault. It is Glade's fault.

They changed their packaging/spray can and the new 8 ounce can is just awful.

Walmart just sells whatever Glade provides. They have no design input.


I agree the old spray mechanism was 100 times better. They went from 9 ounces to 8 ounces and tried to make the sprayer more like Febreze.

Epic failure.

I have purchased Glade for years but will be switching to another brand because the new spray system is horrible. Maybe if sales plummet, they will bring back the old can style that sprayed a finer mist straight up into the air.