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I was given 3 prescriptions in preparation for a heart nand said the pharmacist needed to verify them.(?) The pharmacist ask why I needed these meds and was curious to why the doctor (cardiologist, highly rated) would give me aspirin(81mg) in preparation of the cath. She asked if I wanted her to call the doctor about this!

The doctor specifically told me to take the aspirin with other med so I told the pharmacist no, I was ok with the meds. She left a went over to a telephone to call the doctors office anyway. At this point I was getting upset thinking the doctor would think I was questioning his advise. The main complaint is this lady was out of line.

I told her I thought the doctor probably had a little more education than her and if she didn't give me the meds, I was going to call the doctor to tell him to send the script to another drugstore. I have never had my prescriptions questioned by a pharmacist and then take it upon themselves to insert themselves into my doctor and my healthcare. I might understand if it was a scheduled drug of some type but this was about baby aspirin. I had to cause a scene to get my prescriptions when this never would have occurred if a balanced, competent pharmacist had been in the pharmacy.

I will take my prescriptions to another store that does not over reach their limits of service.

This store is in Bremen, GA. Valerie Hawkins

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Pharmacist insisted on knowing why I needed the meds prescribed, what kind of procedure I was having and questioned a well qualified cardiologist treatment. She was out of bounds and over reached her authority. .

Preferred solution: Bring this to the attention of the person over the pharmacy at the Walmart in Bremen, GA. I have never had a prescription questioned by a pharmacist and was humilified that she was going to question a recongnized cardiologist..

Walmart Cons: Pharmacist prying into my health issues, Pharmacist trying to overide doctor.

  • Pharmacy abuse
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Pharmacists have doctorate degrees and actually know a LOT more about medicines than most physicians. Their doctorate degree is specifically in medications and their proper use.

They were concerned for your safety, not being rude. It is their job to dispense medications properly and to make sure you don't have any adverse reactions.


You are over-reacting. Aspirin is a blood thinner and the pharmacist was entirely correct in questioning taking it preparatory to an invasive procedure like yours.

I am confused, tho about whether the aspirin was a prescription or not. This "baby" aspirin is over the counter and can be found for a dollar a bottle at a dollar store---60 to 100 pills per bottle. In any event, she was concerned and rightly so about this. You should be thanking her, not criticizing her.

When you have any invasive procedure, they will always tell you what pills you take to stop so many days prior. This includes medications like fish oil and other OTC items in addition to some of the prescription drugs you take which may thin the blood. Get a grip on yourself.

Your pharmacist was well-trained and is knowledgeable. Good luck, by the way with your medical problem(s).


Are you a doctor? I was told everything you have listed by my cardiologist and told to take the aspirin.

I had my blood tested before the scripts were given so this info was available to doctor. If I need a pharmacist to question a cardiologist I would have gone there first for her diagnosis and treatment, it would have saved me a lot of money. Do you think I am so *** that I wouldn't have questioned the doctor myself? I know aspirin thins blood but not in 2 days.

I have had a lot more serious medications filled and no pharmacist asked me why I needed those meds and what kind of procedure I was having etc. I felt like my medical privacy was invaded especially with other people standing around listening. If you like that kind of treatment and your health decisions taken out of your hands, that's fine. But I choose not too.

This was out of bounds. By the way, thanks for your reply.