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Walmart has there blood glucose meters in one place and the test strips for them in another (they do not want you to see the price of the test strips). I bought a meter took it home and it did not have the test strips for the meter.

I went back to buy the strips and this is when it found the strips in another location, behind the pharmacy counter, and the price. The price was over $150.00 for 100 strips. I thought I could take the meter back for a refund. I was sadly mistaken.

I am out over $20.00. I hate walmart. Check your walmart to see where they keep their strips and meters.

It makes you wonder why the have the meters and strips in two different places. David Hernandez 64 years old

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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who shops for the meter w/out checking strips?

there --- their


No, it doesn't make me wonder. It only makes you wonder. You know that they are behind the counter because they are expensive.


Just like I told her, even a three year old would be able to figure that out. Honestly if they created an IQ test before allowing people to post reviews this site would be inactive and we would not have 99 percent of the reviews here.


I agree with you. Those test strips are easier to steal when they're out on the shelf obviously.

If I remember right, you could easily put them in your pocket and then walk right the door. I guess some people are just too *** to realize that it isn't even a big deal to just go to the pharmacist and ask for them.

You are right. A lot of these reviews are just ***.


The reason that they have the test strips behind the counter is so that people don't steal them, not because they do not want people to not know the price. If you had taken one of your parents shopping with you they could have read on the box to find out what was included. I am surprised that they sold the blood glucose meter to a minor in the first place though.