Chalmers, Indiana

Walmart 2771....I was looking for an asssociate to help me in the small one was around,I had to walk over to the Stationary dept. to finally find some one who could help me!Then walk all the way back.To find out they no longer carry the item but had the replacements!!I am a senior citizen and I felt like crying right then and there.The service was horrible!!!Many of my family memebrs have started car pooling to Lafayette to do shopping else where.I will be going along too!Shame on you Walmart...where is the customer service like in the good old days...Mr. Walton would be appauld!

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Sorry Dear. Today's big corporations are looking at nothing but profit.

I worked management for years in retail corporations. Was constanly given a song and dance routine from upper management.

To sum it up, today's management is bascially told "If you're not losing business, then you've got too much help. If you ARE losing business, then we need to cut the help" The result is too often poor customer service.


You went to Walmart, what kind of customer service were you expecting? If you want good customer service you have to pay for it which you're clearly not at Walmart.

By the way it's "appalled" not "appauld". Good going genius.