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On July Thursday the 13, I placed an order for the Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR 900 12 Volt Battery-Powered Ride- On, In Pink For $381.28.... On Friday I noticed that it was still processing & I had gotten no Thank you for your order in my e-mail.

I looked it up & it said that it was arriving on Wed. the 19. It was for my granddaughter 3 Birthday this month so I decided to call and make sure everything was ok. I like things early & in order.They assured me that everything was just fine.

However when I Checked my E-mail on Sunday night July 16th & seen that there was no shipping notice, it raised a red flag for me. I am a on-line shopper for myself,my children, friends & relatives. So I decided to call again just to ease my mind. I was told that it was ok, but I started to question her about not getting a E-mail.

She told me that there system was down for updates that Thursday. After 15 mins. of waiting it turned out that my order was not finished processing. I had placed a different order that Friday the day after and it went through just fine.

So now after about 30 mins. on hold they tell me that they don't have it anymore- out of stock discounted . While still on the phone I got on & there it was on sale for $539.00.......... being sold by a different vender.

When I brought it to her attention she wanted me to pay $ 539.00 plus tax. Are they out of there mind? There they have tons of them and they can't give me what I ordered. It's not discontinued or out of stock like she wanted me to believe.

I understand they have a new vender for the same product that I ordered just 3 days ago. But it is the same item and if I hadn't called them I would still be waiting for it to process.. I don't care what the price is today they should took the loss and gave it to me for the price that it was when I ordered it. It's not my fault that they changed prices & Vendor.

The fault lies with them. The other company that I used almost every other day would have made this rite, no problem, No questions. I started out back in 2000 with Walmart, we were best friends until another company came along with fast shipping, good quality & no problem attitudes. A little over a year ago I decided to give Walmart a second try, well I guess its over .

NO MORE Walmart. What they pulled today is a big issue for us.......

I will spread the word, I may be only one person but I can be loud when needed. SO DISAPOINTED IN WALMART TO Night

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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KEYWORDS>>> you don't understand..... "being sold by a different vender" (vendor).


Reading this drained me.


Be loud - no one cares - not even Walmart.