Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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This store manager should be applauded for standing up for his employee. I have worked for 40 years and took a part time job at WalMart and have been appalled by the ignorant rude customers who let their children run wild, speak rudely to employees who are just trying to help them, and then use their food stamps (that my tax dollars help pay for) to buy groceries that are usually frozen foods or other high fat low nutritional value products. I have to help buy their food and they can't even make responsible choices about what the American public pays for.

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I agree with you, there should be a limit on what can be bought with food stamps, there was one complaint about a lady who bought a $60 cake with her food stamps. Then there are people who throw a fit and get all upset because they have to pay for tarter sauce, ketchup which is not covered by food stamps, well they should know that ketchup and tarter sauce are not necessities and therefore if they want those extras they should fork over the dollar to pay for it or do without.

Did you know some of these people on food stamps eat better than you and I and they don't have to do a thing to earn their food.

If they were forced to make an attempt to get a job to get food stamps they would starve. Some of these people claim they are too injured or sick to get a job, yet they can go shopping and partying for houra on end.