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went to Walmart with my boyfriends daughter and she was scanning things thru the self checkout and placing them on the scale table and I was bagging them from there and placing them in the buggy. I handed her her dads debit card she paid for it then we went to leave but I forgot to get salt for work so we loaded up a few bags and went all the way back to the self checkout and I rang it up and paid then we went to leave but before we could get out the door 2 guys stopped us and made us go to the little security office and said some items were not paid for and I immediately offered over the receipts but I guess bfs daughter left it in the machine and they already had it.

we sat there while they went thru the bags and found 3 items that had not scanned...naturally I was pissed at her but they ask ME for my drivers license and SSN and of course I comply because I just wanted to get out of there asap because I was mad/embarrassed. then later I thought about it and im curious as to why they didn't ask her for her info when she was the one scanning everything... now don't take that the wrong way, im fine taking the rap for her im not trying to be childish about it. also, she is 18 years old.

is it possible they thought she was a minor? they didn't even ask her. im extremely ticked off that I gave them my SSN, stupid on my part. I get that they have to do their job and put the incident in the computer whatever...

I just don't think my SSN was necessary. im also ticked off that if they were watching her the whole time why didn't someone just come over and say something? as far as I knew everything had scanned because she was running it over the scanner and putting it on the scale.. which should have beeped if it sensed extra items?

Then when she went over to pay for the items after this happened I was waiting with the buggy by the entrance and tried to make light talk with the greeter(she seen us go in and knew what happened) and she completely snubbed me and gave me a nasty look!

treating me like a criminal when it was a total mistake! all this over 10 dollars worth of food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How do you people function in life if you can't even scan your items correctly?

It's not a skill that anyone needs to study - item goes across metal thingy with cool red lasers...if it beeps - YAY ---- if not, try again.

I realize a certain amount of dexterity is required to drag an item across the metal laser thingy, so maybe you guys need to get this weird twitch she has checked out?

You're welcome.