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Was just walking in for a few things. I Got them without too many problems(although the lettuce wasn't very fresh) and and things went along as normal until I got to the check-out.

His name was Derrick I believe. Well he cussed at me. I went over and got the customer service manager and she didn't seem to care. I finally asked for a manager who is over them.

Well when they came up all they said was that they would deal with it.

Well I went in today and he was still working there. I cannot believe they keep people like this on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Don't know how you can take this down, but let this be a lesson for you in the consequences of slander. If you did something wrong be an adult about it, don't play petty games by trying to get the person who reported you in trouble.


I have to tell you something, I used to work at this story and Derrick reported me for stealing from the company. I only made this up to get him fired.

Now Derrick is threatening to sue me if I do not remove this review. How do I go about doing that. A friend(or someone who I thought was a friend told Derrick that I wrote a review about him online to get him fired.

I did not use his last name but I did use his place of employment. Some people are telling me that I can be sued for using his name and place of employment, others are saying I am fine since I did not use his last name.


Just because the cashier was still working there doesn't mean that nothing happened to him. Furthermore, why should he be fired because he allegedly cussed at you.

IF he actually did cuss at you, you must have done something just as bad to cause his behavior. You can bet your bottom dollar you aren't completely innocent in this deal.