Nebraska City, Nebraska

We have this new worker working on cash. She is African American.

WE all decided to buy her a gift to make her feel at home. Most people bought chocolate, and perfume, but I bought her a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and powdered orange tang. I thought it would be a good joke and my friends encouraged me to do so. She reported me and this was taken as a race issue.

I was written up and none of my coworkers who came up with the idea got into trouble. They did not even state it was their idea.

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Blacks play the race card too far. You should sue them for this unfairness. If she stole money and got caught she would play the race card then as well.


Why don't you say that in real life on camera in front of real people, for me please. But, no you wouldn't you hide behind keyboard. Hey why don't find you lunch box.


I would but they would probably rape my female friends, unless of course I throw them a basketball or toss them a bucket of fried chicken and orange drink.


Do you buy ALL the new employees gifts? I don't think you give gifts to all new employees that started working there after you.

Doesn't HR policy, explain about not giving gifts? Which is given to you before you start working. Even any gift at all would make someone feel weird and out of place. Knowing it not done for all employees.

Anyone that gives a new employees a gift when hired, better maker sure they do it for every single one or YES it is racist.

She should sue you for your racist act.

Here is a case of monkey in the middle.


You are a dumba$$ for doing this, even if it was someone else's idea.

Of course it was racist.


You're disgusting. You said in your comment that YOU decided to buy these items and then they encouraged you but then you try to say it was their idea.

Get your story straight. They were all buying tasteful presents and you turned it into something ugly.

It's also weird to buy a gift for a new Walmart associate in the first place. Do you know what the turnover rate it there?


Wow, that was some really terrible judgment on your part. When you're coworkers tell you to give the new Hispanic guy a sombrero and bag of tacos, don't do it.

First B

If your store was one of the stores that participated for Halloween and your co-worker thought it would be funny to dress up all in white with a pointed hood would you do it? besides it is your word against the co-workers.

For all they know you could be lying to save your butt, or trying to get others in trouble with you meaning bring others down on the ship. It was a joke that if fine, but there is a difference between a fun joke and a racist joke.


You should also have gotten her a basketball.


Okay, how did you think that this would be received? That is a HORRIBLE joke to try and play on someone.

Let me tell you a hispanic supervisor, if someone would have brought me in tacos and beans as a practical joke, you wouldn't have just been written up. I would be walking you out the door.


Racism my butt, if this person was the only one that did not get her a gift she would play the race card for that as well. Probably did not like the gift. I hope this black cashier screws up and gets herself reprimanded for it, that way she can play the race card on the manager disciplining her and they can see just how quickly she plays the race card and dismiss the false accusations of racism against the OP.


If you find out that the other that have given gifts, have never given gift to all new employees you should go HR about them and file a complaint on them because it's all racist, if it not all it's not equal. It mean the gifts they were giving the new employee is not for the right reasons.


You admit yourself this was a joke on a black person. YOU gave the gift. YOU take responsibility for your stupidity in the matter.