Garden City, Kansas
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I and my wife went to Wal Mart of G.C. Ks .

to purchase tires. Was told being I had a Broken lug bolt they could not put on tires. So no more purchases from there, they were the ones who twisted it off on a tire repair 4 months earlier . Which they never replaced .

Called Lamar Co. Wal Mart . They said they could do the stud replacement . Which by the way was 100 miles away .

Got there and they said they didn't have the tools to do it . They asked if I wanted to talk to a Manager . I got mad and told them they are no smarter than the employes that work for Wal Mart .

I will never buy another thing from them. I have meds that I but there and that will change soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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