except its not a guarantee at all!! I paid in store, and filed online, and then even got a conformation email stating that my tv would be arriving at the store between 12-14 and 12-21, but was in shopping on 12-15 so just asked them to look up my order to see when it would be in, but they said my order didn't show up and to call Walmart.com- which is a huge joke!

computer voice told me it would be a 5 min wait, try 40 min. Then they refused to be of any help at all. Even told them about the email I got and she said that they still send that out even if the order was processed incorrectly.

That's Walmart for you!

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #761632

My 1 hour guarantee tv shipped on 12/9. On 12/11 the site said it was at a store roughly 3 hours away from me.

All this time it has said the same info. I called customer service and all they will say is wait until 12/22 then call back if it hasn't arrived.

Im worried something happened during shipment and they are going to wait until the last minute to say something. There is no reason for an item to be that close to its delivery point on the 11th and here its the 20th and it hasn't made it to the destination.

Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States #761592

Yes, I am having the same issue with the 1 hour tv too. I did everything that I was told to do and just a few days ago I got notice that the tv was damaged during shipping.

It told me that the money was placed back on my "gift card" and to go back online and reorder. No idea how to even do that since this was a special site for those cards, plus the fact that I cannot purchase another tv now for that price. What a total waste of time and my money!

Maybe next year I will take all my money to another store that acturally honors their sales and values there customers! Anyone else having this same issue?

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