Orlando, Florida
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While at the Wal-mart Auto Center on Wednesday, 07/06/2011 at 9am we had our GPS unit stolen from our vehicle. Although, we can not prove who stole it.

We packed our car including the GPS unit that morning before going to Wal-Mart. Right after we had the oil changed we noticed the GPS unit was missing. This unit was a rare gift from my mom and it is missed.

We feel violated and will now boycott Wal-Mart as, we do not deal with theives. Wal-Mart has done nothing to date to compensate us for this loss.

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I didn't say she left it unlocked, I am glad you found your GPS though.


Thanks for sticking up for me Barb, however where did I say they kept the car unlocked? Quit making me look foolish.


Update, I found the GPS unit. I left it at home because I was mapping out a new location for vacation.



I disagree with you on this one. They are suppose to lock your vehicle when they have finished any services to your car.

Leaving your vehicle unlocked is like leaving the windows down while it is pouring rain.

Also, they do keep cameras rolling on the area for reasons just like this.

Talk to a store manage if you don't get the answer you like, then call coporate


First of all if you feel like one of the Walmart Employees stole your GPS take up with walmart to prove it they have video of them changing the oil and they would work with you secondly its not all Walmarts fault where they parked it somebody could have broken in and stole it! Stop blaming the big corporate stores trying to get something for nothing!