Montgomery, Alabama

I visited your Walmart store on Eastern Blvd. Friday, January 22 in the evening.

Your employee , Brianah Allen, a student at Alabama State University gave me exceptional service. This young lady was off duty and on her way home; however she stopped to help me , inquired at customer service, waited with me for help to come and then went back to customer service to follow-up. I didn't get the product that I wanted (mint leaves) but I was so impressed with the customer service. This young lady above and beyond the call of duty on Walmart's behalf.

"Hats off to Ms. Allen" Thank You!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Way to fluff up your own reputation at work dear...bravo!


Now don't go around lying, this is not true, we all know it is Briahah's mother that wrote this.