North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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It is pretty obvious that almost every Walmart you go to it will be busy. I usually try to avoid this by going later in the night.

it is definitely more pleasing to shop here at night when there arent as many shoppers! it is better than target as well. i can hardly stand target sometimes and much prefer walmart over it any day.

need less to say my only complaint would have to be so many shoppers, but i solve that problem by going later in the night! it is a lot smarter and more efficient in my opinon!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #639900

Where I live going late at night, doesn't help the crowd problem. It works best to go really early in the morning.

When I it is early enough that I am done, getting a weeks worth of groceries, and whatever else I need and I am home, no later, than 10:00AM, and that time frame includes waiting for a cab to take me home. Sometimes that alone, can take 1/2 hour.

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