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I don't usually shop for food at Walmart but recently I was pressed for time and supercenter was close. I had an urge to make some bacon cheeseburgers so I bought a package of the great value bacon and 2 "bakery fresh" kaiser rolls among a few other items.

Upon returning home I attempted to separate the bacon slices that were cut so thin that they just shredded and fell apart.

After cooking my burgers I opened the bag with the "bakery fresh" kaiser rolls to find they were hard and had a foul smell. I've learned my lesson and advise you to keep one thing in mind, a great value on garbage is still garbage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Bacon.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Great value original bacon, will not buy again. Very dangerous.

Bacon had slivers of bones that could not be seen. Husband got a bone in his and yyelled out "there's bones in this bacon". And as he said that 95 year old grandma started chocking. After inspection of the bacon I had cooked, there were slivers thru out all.

The one piece my husband had in his could be seen. Similar to a very think pork chop bone. The rest was slivers that caused choking.

I will be going to Walmart today to get my money back. Just so grateful no one chocked..


Do you even know what you are buying or do you just roam around - clueless as usual?


How would you know what this person "usual" habits are? Are some some of lunatic?


Most people are clueless as usual. Sounds like you might fall in that category yourself.


yup, Great Value brand = generic.