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This is the second Great Value mop that ive bought at walmart in a month. They ALL BREAK at the end when u put pressure.

THEN, who saves the reciept and packaging for a mop??? "We can replace it if you bring it in with the packaging and reciept "... the plastic joint where the mophead connects to the mop shaft is thin plastic and breaks in half when enough pressure is applied to properly clean a minorly souled tiled floor. I can definitely bring the 2 broken mops, but without a reciept and packaging - thanks for nothing.

ALL I WANT IS EITHER A WORKING MOP WHICH I PAID FOR TWICE... OR MY MONEY BACK (which I seriously doubt will ever happen).

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Yeah, hahahaha ... I bought a Swifter brand mop this time. Thanks SMH for your helpful comment


Your fault for buying the second time. smh