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Message sent to Wal-Mart June 28.

We purchased 60 bags of this mulch a few weeks ago. We used 42 of them in our front bed and it looked beautiful BUT in one week the bed was filled with thousands of tiny little weeds!!! I spent hours pulling them out and they are still growing! We never had this even when there was just soil in the bed. Mulch is supposed to help control the weeds, not grow them! It seemed like there were seeds right in the mulch. Now we have about 20 bags left and we are afraid to spread the rest for fear we will have the same outcome. We are NOT SATISFIED with this product at all!!

July 1

Received a call responding to my message. Was told that if I returned the unopened bags of mulch with my original receipt, I would receive a full refund for all the bags purchased.


Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Bark Mulch.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Walmart Cons: Poor quality of product - black garden mulch.

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How did you loose $240? They said they would give you a refund. As for what is already down, a $15 gallon of round up should solve your problem.


Buy a container of Roundup, mix it in a sprayer and spray the mulch you put down. Roundup kills everything, not just weeds and grass, so be careful.

Your mistake was in buying mulch from Walmart, which is not known for anything resembling quality. Perhaps a name brand would have been better, but at a higher cost.

Can't win, can we? You can also try a "weed and grass" control product and do the same as with the roundup which works, but slower.