Hammond, Louisiana
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Customers think they are getting lower prices when they buy Walmart's brand items. Think again in many cases they are higher.

Walmart is playing a mind game having customers think because it great value the are getting it for a lower price. A lot of customers pick up great value brand without comparing prices because they think it less expensive. I shop at a Walmart in Louisiana and above the milk case they have a sign saying best value. 1 gallon of fat free milk is $4.20 where Sams is $3.09 so how is that a best value.

Customers need to compare prices on brand mane vs. great value. Their are 2 Walmarts in my location, a main store and a neighborhood store. One of the items I was going to buy in the neighborhood store was $2.10 more than the main store.

The store manager told me a lot of there prices are higher because the neighbor hood store is for convenience. If that the case they should have a sign posted saying THIS STORE IS HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND THE PRICES YOU PAY COST MORE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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"THIS STORE IS HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND THE PRICES YOU PAY COST MORE." So I guess every 7-11 and Circle K should also have that sign. Price comparison is the customer's responsibility, not the store's. That's what price matching is for.