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theyre scamming us ive got proof , letters recordings, so called "badges with fake numbers" that they claim to have , claims of being bankers , Applying payments incorrectly, receipts ,statements, emails, charging additional fees, misrepresents that when customers dispute charges on their cards,claims that it will grant provisional credits so they can access their funds while the error is resolved. which it does not. ive recorded multiple times spoke with a couple different "supervisors" all telling multiple lies, hanging up on me, switching stories, neglecting evidence i provided, from merchants, i have a substantial amount of evidence if anyone knows of a contact for a lawsuit i will greatly appreciate it.

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Greendot cards are the card of choice for telephone scammers!


lol already got one ....thats what happens when you work for a living and build up credit, {{Redacted}} hater, ^


I highly doubt that. What are you using GreenDot and not a actual consumer credit institution? Or at the very least a real bank?


I can promise that they will not contact you, so start collecting the $10.000 you will need for the lawsuit. A loser, by the way.