Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I go to Walmart to shop at least once a week or more. This morning I was checking out with a new girl and she was friendly enough but could not bag groceries for anything.

I asked her if she ever bagged groceries before. She ignored me. She just threw the groceries in the bags no matter what they were. I had can goods with my grapes,

The bags were so stuffed that about 3 broke before I could get them home. I spend a lot of money there and I really don't have much but I hate when my groceries are messed up.

I just feel that everyone who works there should know how to bag groceries. How hard is it? Most of it is common sense. You don't put ice cream with toilet paper, etc. I was just frustrated and needed to vent and let you know what happened. I am not out for revenge or anything. Most of my visits there are good. But I would not let her check me out again. Thanks for listening.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I make my girlfriend wear a sack on her head at all times. she never complains.


what a *** you are. lol.

the point of the plastic bags is to "throw" stuff in them. sounds like she was never shown that cans go under grapes or not to "shove" everything in one bag. instead you where a ***. and yes people must be taught that.

you learned from your mother or having to bag items yourself or from having a bag break. your "common sense" was learned from somewhere. you just dont remember it.

so you should of informed the manager that she was not fully trained. but no keep being a ***.


How big were her hooters? They are inversely proportional to the size of her brain.


Curious, you did not tell us what the manager said? You did talk to a manager right? This was such a big deal that it caused you to run home and whine like a stuck hog........pathetic.....but typical of society today......"No Spine - All Whine" oink oink


too true. inform manager.

then go back and see if any thing changed. if not inform manager again and find out if they are doing their job. yep i fully believe you get what you pay for. walmart took jobs.

keep buying against your interest. nothing will change if you dont work for it.


You call the adult employee a "girl" when you are the one acting like a child. Come on, why not speak up and ask for more bags.

You act like a six year old who needs her mommy to speak for her. Common sense would tell you that they have child labor laws and the person checking you out was an adult not a girl, common sense would also lead you to asks for more bags or say you would be bagging the groceries.