La Puente, California
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On thursday 8/2/1920 i went grocery shoping for a birthday party i was hosting 8/4/1920 i picked up ground beef in a roll you cant see the meat the way it was packaged . Sunday take meat out of freezer so i can prepare for bbq wash pakage still in wrapper its frozen i cut a slice the meat was dissqusting had a thick white coating aroumd it very luttle red meat im center

.i returned ground beef i really dont think it was beef..had hot dogs for party very disapointed ..check ground beef

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Ground beef needs to be investagated people get sick this ground beef is to be eaten bye human s or animals.

Walmart Cons: Meat not inspected.

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When she died, and they moved the furniture out of her house so that they could sell it, you could clearly see where all of the walls had been stained from decades of chain smoking. I used to love it when we would go visit at Grandma's house because I loved smelling all of the second hand cigarette smoke that would be wafting through the air the whole time that I was there.

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Well if you bought it in 1920 as you wrote it is 99 years old!! What do you expect??? Did it really cost 200 dollars 99 years ago???


Why do you think they pack it in a packge that you can't see through? I always like to see what the meat I am purchasing looks like. It just isn't worth saving a few pennies and end up wasting the food.


I agree with you. Some people are penny wise and pound foolish.


if their selling it should be good