Rochester, New York
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Walmart "Guarantees shipment by Christmas" BUT I was told BY A SUPERVISOR at that Walmart guarantees shipment by Christmas TO FEDEX NOT TO CUSTOMER...think they should put that on their website? This is fraud!

Not only this but they also send out emails saying my item has shipped when in fact it has not...I have proof , dated emails, etc...they will be hearing from my lawyer! I still have not received my in stock item and I ordered it Dec 9 with a guaranteed shipment of the 17-22nd.....apparently (per supervisor) my shipping date changes once it goes from warehouse to FedEx and is NOT told to the customer for it is then FedEx problem. My daughter got to open a piece of paper with a picture of her gift printed on it for Christmas thanks to Walmart and its illegal and very uncaring greedy ways! I would have settled for a email simply stating I wouldn't get by Christmas and options to cancel...instead I got "your item has shipped" "your item is on its way and will be there 17-22" THIS WAS ALL A LIE!

I could have gotten her something else for I ordered on the 9th of Dec.

I would like to be contacted by someone with answers...not just someone with sympathy because they have children at home too. Lora Hickman

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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No BUBBA.... It didn't .....dummy...

We never got it because walmart placed a return status on it... But thanks for your concern


it probably got tossed by fed-x and got damaged had to send it back dummy! watch the news!