South Euclid, Ohio
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I went to Wallmart on March 7 2015, at 1868 South Euclid, Warrensville Center Rd, OH 44121 to buy a case for my phone on hand for training in the gym. I pulled it out of the box has already been opened by someone earlier to make sure that the size fits my phone.

Case was too small for my phone and I put it back in the box at this time guard came and said that I was trying to steal the case.I felt uzhasno.potomu that there were people around, and heard it, I said that he could check my phone and handbag. Then I called the store manager to sort out the unpleasant situation for me, but no one even apologized to me. I asked for a personal guard room, he did not want to give it to me, given only at the request of the manager.I first saw this terrible treatment of the buyer. I was accused of something I did not do and did not even apologize.

I had to wait a long time when the manager comes and even longer until the find of the guard. I often buy different things at Wallmart noteper I do not want to go there, I was not pleased is an appeal to the people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Management, Customer service, Long waits, Service.

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Don't open packages in stores. That should be common sense.

Even if the package was "already open", opening things that don't belong to you is always suspicious.

Try reading the package. Phone cases will have a list of the phones they will fit.


she did not someone else did.


Store do not let u open things BEFORE you buy them, some people did not learn as children


You should never go there again uzhasno.potomu.