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Last time I went to my local Walmart they informed me I had to wear a mask. The convid guild lines are recommendations at best, but they are enforcing the guidelines like they are the law.

Walmart is a public area according to the busyness license they have acquired at my local area.

The guidelines are discriminating against my children and myself because we are unable to wear face coverings for medical reasons.

Define guidelines:

a general rule, principle, or piece of advice

All the arrows and spots on the floor are advice. Why are you breaking discriminating laws to enforce advice?

User's recommendation: All the convid guidelines are nothing more than unlawful advice and Walmart discriminates against you if you don't take their advice.

Preferred solution: Stop enforcing convid guidelines like they are law, guidelines are at best advice, discrimination is against the law..

Location: 2200 58 Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 9T2

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Walmart is private property. Walmart, or Any other business located on private property, Can choose to have mask guidelines.

You Can choose whether or not you want to shop at these businesses.

If you are That upset about Walmart’s mask guidelines, you would have Directly contacted them instead of just posting on this website. So, did you do that?


Walmart is a private company that sighed an agreement with local government as a public place of business. Walmart excluding anyone based on a medical condition is discrimination.

Funny how you came to Walmart comments section to defend discrimination shortly after I post a review. Almost seems you are paid to defend and deflect the truth Let me define guideline for you.

guide·line /ˈɡīdˌlīn/ Learn to pronounce noun plural noun: guidelines a general rule, principle, or piece of advice. "the organization has issued guidelines for people working with prisoners"

@David L

If YOU and YOUR children are unable to wear masks, stay at home. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the one, or YOUR family.

The world is trying to get past this thing and won't let your little cadre interfere.

Order your @#$# and pick it up curbside or don't shop there or anywhere else that said YOU MUST WEAR A MASK in order to come in. To your credit, you didn't use the loser's lament "you must work for them." Hopefully, you're done popping out kids as you seem to be of weak stock.


Must be rough out there getting work, you have to get payed to despute comments in the Comments section. You really could probable do better.

I don't need stay home. I have the right to go to anywhere where I want where I live. I can and do go to the many other grocery stores in my area mask free. It's very well documented the guidelines don't work and are illegal.

You have to resort to insults to make an argument, just shows how desperate Walmart is to stop the negative comments. You even advertise curb side. I have no intention of stopping. I will be serving WM with an affidavit to appear in court.

wish me luck. The need of many out way the few.

The Few are in the million and heading toward billions. You are welcome to stand up for your rights also.

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