Merced, California

Upon returning a faulty dsi, which I had purchased only hours earlier, I was treated suspectfully and made to feel like a scam artist for simply attempting to exchange, not refund, my faulty dsi. Associates made failed attempts to make me look ***, trying numerous ways to make the thing work, with no success.

I was eventually was granted my exchange when none of the retards could prove I was wrong.

Being treated this way by a bunch of inbred mental deficients has prompted me to drive the extra 10 miles to Target. *** you wal-mart!

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It is always a race issue. If someone does something you don't like and are not the same race as you it is always because you are black, because you are hispanic, ect.

Whites do the same but it seems blacks cry racism the most. Just an observation.


No matter what color your skin is, most people have the sense not to call a children ugly names and use profanity against them.


shut up zachary1998. Is 1998 your birth year, well that makes you what 9?(not good at Math.

10 years old and already a little racist. Sad what your parents are teaching you. Next time you observe something *** don't post it. You only posted my flaw to embarass me because you are racist.

Keep it to yourself. You may have proof that I am return idiots but you have no proof thta I am Walmart ***.

Shut up you little racist. I see the adults on this site are teaching you to hate quite well.


Guilty- You're an *** who stole and got caught. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin!

You yourself admitted to stealing. Assuming someones racist because they caught you doing something illegal is just as racist as someone assuming you stole because you're black! Which, if you didnt notice is exactly what you're doing!

Get over yourself you moronic thief:) I'm black myself and shop at Walmart all the time and receive good service. But then again, I dont go around stealing their merchandise.


Those posters are not his friends. They are all him. Notice how he slipped up and posted as one of his friends


Get over yourself, they weren't racist. Can all black people just get over themselves.

They do not pick and choose who they want to enforce their standard procedures on. If the employees were black as well you would have no comment.

Get a life, and tell ur friends! :)


As you can see the same thing happened to "return Idiots, and "Walmart ****t" I emailed all three members and like me they are all black.


I HATE wal-mart and refused to go back over 6 months ago. Their customer services is HORRIBLE!!


Same thing happened to me, I bought a external HD from them (which was my first mistake, never buy electronic goods from walmart, cause they suck)

The thing made the infamous click of death when I plugged it in for the first time, so I went back to get an exchange and the tards at the customer service gave me the run around for a min asking 'where I bought it' which was dumb being I had a receipt that says it was bought at their store. I told them I wanted an exchange not return.

After a bit of a hassle and them calling their electronics dept. to find out that the item was out of stock and that they could not exchange it and I would have to wait or go to another store which they wouldn't even bother calling and verifying for me if they had it. They finally called in a assistant manager who looked at me with disgust and gave me my money back.

I blew them off and while walking out the door I muttered how I was going to Best Buy down the street cause at least their stuff works lol


Guilty, you are a *** ***


You know what just because I stole some of the games later on because I thought the *** system came with the games I was treated like a criminal. They even lied and said they were just doing procedure and do the same to everyone.

It is all because I am black. If I were not black they would have let me get away with it. If I were white and I stole from them they would not care. Even if I stole lots of money from them if i were white they would not suspect a thing.

They just wanted to make me look ***. When I told them they were being racist they said they do this to everyone. I was taught better manners and I would not normally hit a lady, but I told the lady working there that if I ever met her outside the store I would smack her racist face and she said have a good day. I only stole two games which should have been locked up.

So because I am Black and because I have a small history for stealing they treated me like a scam artist. In all my 21 year I have never experienced racism. Also I bet if I were white they would not have called the police on me for the two games I stole. These retards hate blacks.

So I stole two games from them big deal. It's not like they overcharge for them and I made a mistake and now have to pay for it the rest of my life because I am black. I have stolen from Target and they never walked me to the security office. Wal-mart only looks for blacks as thieves and I am angry at them for catching me.

Target is an extra ten miles but I will be driving there instead. It was four hole hours that I stole the games only to find the *** system does not work. It was also not the same *** store I stole from them beause they told me not to come back for one whole year most likely because I am black. Bunch of racists.

I am in college. Just think how hard it will be for me to find a job now because of racists and two games.