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I was the first playing Guitar hero which you had on display for us to play. I was playing for a while.

Like half an hour when this little weeny six year old boy wanted to play. He got his sister who is ten and in my school. She wanted her brother to have a turn. I told her to get lost because I was playing first.

She said her brother was waiting for a long time to play the game. She wanted to play it too. I told her the game was rated "T" so she was too young to play. She said that I was not a teenager yet so I can't play either.

I told her well I am older than you though. I told her to get lost. She got her mommy. Her mommy told me that I should let her son play because he wants a chance to play.

I told her no way. I was not finished. She let me finish one game, but I still wanted to play because I WAS HERE FIRST. The person in the department called the manager because she was yelling.

I think she was mad because she was having her period or something. The manager said that if we did not stop fighting that he would turn the game off. Well he turned the game off.

I could not play it anymore. The good news is that little wimp piece of *** could not get a turn to play and that *** *** that is his sister could not have a turn either.

However I was there first and I think he should have kicked that family out of the store and let me play until I was done.

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Don't feed the troll!


what a selfish little brat u r. wal mart does not have to supply u game time.those r for customers toTRY it seems u wanted to play forever. stay at home and play ur own games if u cant be more considerate to others.


You have such a twisted sense of self-entitlement. Honestly If I met this old *** in real life I'd beat the living *** out of him until his bone fragments were tangled into his scaly skin. He deserves to be raped through his eye socket.

First B

You are saying this about a 12 year old, sick.


I agree with these other posters. It is not up to the employees to monitor children, it is up to the parents.

Kess and the others expect someone to babysit their children while they go shopping. What Kess did was right but blaming the employee for monitoring the area. They have their own job and do not need to monitor other people's kids.

Kess and the other mother should have done that. Both you and the mother need to calm down and teach your kids to be more civil.



It is not the associates job to watch your brat and the other brat. Also you acted like a kid yourself threatening a child.

If I were the manager of your store I would take a gun and shoot the game council. But amasing how these games can bring out the kid in all of us.

Kess you are a bad mommy.


perhaps Kess was acting childishly, but when someone messes with your child you would do anything to defend your child.


I agree. The point is this woman did not ask the child nicely to get off the game, she said move it or lose it, and he told his mother.

He is not a brat. I bet that if Kess asked nicely he would have left, the point is she is an adult and the way she asked, and that she just left her son at the game while she went shopping. She came back 20 minutes later and the boy was still playing the game, she could have asked him nicely to get of but did not.

Then she expected the employee to babysit the kids while she was shopping. She is a bully who in another post admitted to beating her own children and burning if they steal.


Trevor, if you want to help difuse a situation in your store that is fine. But the point being Kess has no right to yell at a child, by making the comment move it or lose it and expecting the employees to dispute the situation she took all responsibility as a parent away not from only herself but the other parent. As bratty as these that boy hogging the game may be Kess was not acting mature herself.


Louis after rereading your letter I have more comment to make. When I was twelve I respected my elders.

I never talked back to them. I never made comments that they were angry because they had their period. I certainly did not bully people half my age an I did not write to companies swearing. It is good enough that the mother let you finish the song, but then instead of talking back to her and demanding that you were here first you should have let her son play.

That game is hard and I am sure that a six year old would have played one song at the most and given it back to you and you could play till pigs fly once he was done with it. But no you lost the chance.


Terry, what Kess did was called discipline. Maybe you are right and she could have worded it better, however both Louis and that other kid are brats.

Their parents obviously don't discipline them to teach them to take turns. If that other boys mother disciplined her son then she would have agreed with Kess that her son was being selfish and spoken to her son about his behavior instead of the Kess.


Working at wal-mart I had a simular experience as you. There was this ten year old kid.

He kept hogging the game. There were people complaining that he would not let them play. One kid complained to the manager who ignored it because he had other things to do. He came back the next day.

I told him to get off other people wanted a turn. His mother started yelling at me for telling her precious to get off. She then complained to the manager. I was asked what happened.

The next day he removed the system and put it in the employee lounge.

He was sick of the fights over the game. But then he removed it because people were preoccupied with the games and did not return from breaks on time.

First B

I agree, it is the parents responsibility to tell their children to play fairly, and if another child is playing the parent can tell that child nicely to get off instead of acting the way Kess acted. Too bad she is not as tough as she was when she was talking rudely to the child. She would never speak that way.


Well, Zachary is a spoiled brat for another reason.


No offence Kess, but it is not up to them to babysit kids. You the adult telling the brat to "move it or lose it" was very childish then to expect the associate to babysit the area well they are not babysitters.

I am not saying the other parent acted better but you too were misbahaving.

Louis and that other boy are spoiled brats but both you and the mother acted like kids. Unfortunately when we look out for our children we act that way.


I was in similar situation and I told the brat to move it or lose it! He went to tell his mom and I gave the controller to my son who had been waiting about 20 minutes. His mom came over and asked what I was doing. I told her it was obvious. My son is playing.

She got in my face and threatened me so I told her to go ahead take her best shot, lol. She backed down and took her brat and left while an associate came over AFTER she left and asked if everything was ok.

I asked him where he was when this person was threatening me and why didn't they monitor this area better. Nothing from him so he walked away. BTW, my boy played for 10 minutes and I told him it was enough and we left. No wonder kids are in jail...


She was not threatening you, it seems like you were threatening her child, she has every right to defend her son from your brat. I hate it when parents expect others to monitor their kids and leave them in the toy and electronics department alone.

You could have addressed this nicely, but you set a bad example for your son and you expect them to monitor your son and the other boy. It is your job not theirs, people think when they go into stores it is their job to shop and the employees job to babysit their children.

First B

Her son is not a brat, the mother just talked rudely to the other boy, and when his mother put her in her place she was not all tough. Both parents are bad role models not Just Kess.

First B

Most parents would react the same way if you talked that way to their child, you are supposedly the adult here, you should have been polite about it. But to an adult it must make you feel big to threaten a 6 year old, but you cannot deal with an angry parent.

How would you feel if that child were yours who was talked to like that?

The mother was threatening you because of how you talked to her son. Also it is not up to her to control this situation, you are the parent, and so is the mother, you both need to act your age and deal with this like adults instead of six year old's

First B

In other words here the adult thing to do would be to tell the boy, you have been playing for a long time now, can my son please have a turn, instead of acting your son's age and saying move it or lose it.