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I was the first playing Guitar hero which you had on display for us to play. I was playing for a while.

Like half an hour when this little weeny six year old boy wanted to play. He got his sister who is ten and in my school. She wanted her brother to have a turn. I told her to get lost because I was playing first.

She said her brother was waiting for a long time to play the game. She wanted to play it too. I told her the game was rated "T" so she was too young to play. She said that I was not a teenager yet so I can't play either.

I told her well I am older than you though. I told her to get lost. She got her mommy. Her mommy told me that I should let her son play because he wants a chance to play.

I told her no way. I was not finished. She let me finish one game, but I still wanted to play because I WAS HERE FIRST. The person in the department called the manager because she was yelling.

I think she was mad because she was having her period or something. The manager said that if we did not stop fighting that he would turn the game off. Well he turned the game off.

I could not play it anymore. The good news is that little wimp piece of *** could not get a turn to play and that *** *** that is his sister could not have a turn either.

However I was there first and I think he should have kicked that family out of the store and let me play until I was done.

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I don't think that Terry was talking about Zachary.

You can always learn to share.


Hey don't call Zachary a spoiled brat. He had nothing to do with this.


You are a spoiled little BRAT :cry


Anyways you should try sharing you make new friends even though you may not see them again.


This person was in our school who was it? Anyways they have the game out now.

Two kids wanted to play so we took turns. Made two friends.

The three of us then their mother told them to follow her and was getting angry because they were playing and not following her. But you should share the thing or they will take it away for ever if kids keep fighting.