Laredo, Texas
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I visited my local Walmart Super Center in Laredo Texas all the pistol ammo was gone . The young man informed no longer would I be able to buy pistol ammo but out of the goodness of their corporate heart I could still buy rifle ammo**** you walmart I will never be in your store again .

You caved in to the very people that hate you the most.

Thank GOD for HEB and Academy Sports and Amazon. Why not give in to the Union Representation they push..........I HOPE THEY PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS.........I'm the little guy that always supported you.

Reason of review: NO COURAGE.

Preferred solution: Academy sports.

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Usually the person who buys a gun legally is not the shooter .The person who carries legally could be the one who saves many people.You think banning gun sales prevents shootings? The bad guy more than not bought his gun on the street. The bad guys will always have their guns...but hey you believe that Wal-Mart not having guns prevents mass shootings well I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn for you then.Do not step on my second amendment .To many have died for our rights.Do not let irrational fear rule your life.


Thank goodness! If your comment about never being in a Walmart store again is true we have one less person to worry about potentially pulling a gun out in the store.