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Hacked April 28; Told would review and send me a check since card was hacked. Finally after calling almost everyday just to get a recording, today (5/18/18) I receive an alert that they have resolved it and are crediting it to back to my card that is blocked!

The exact same problem I continue to see reported! All they do is credit it BACK to the cancelled card. After so many complaints, you would think they would learn either send a new card, or send a check! This has been the WORST financial problem with a company I have EVER had, and I am 54!

I have had friends who were hacked on other cards, and they were almost immediately credited back their money. I don't get why walmart even offers this piece of crap card. It is WORTHLESS if you get hacked!

I have seen that some are on their third month of waiting for their hacked funds to be credited back! JUST SAY NOOOOO TO WALMART MONEY CARD!!!!!!

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