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I work for Home office for Walmart and they don't get good benefits. Every other day I need to see my shrink because of the woman I married.

These sessions cost so much money. To top it off I can no longer afford to feed my wife and myself because I really need these sessions. My wife is the one who makes me need to see my shrink. She always goes around in the stores telling everyone that I work at Home Office and that if they don't give in to her unreasonable demands that I would fire them.

Everyone in all the stores in United States, and some stores in Canada and some in Germany know me as the man who married the psycho. My wife complains to home office everyday, sometimes twice a day, sometimes more and I am laughed at because of this. Walmart pays 90 percent of my benefits but that is not enough with the amount of psychological help that I need just being married to my wife.

If the condom never broke I would never have married her. I used to have children but she ate them.

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MrsLea01, *** you crazy *** STOP posting things and saying that it's not you! why do you not get it through that head of yours that EVERY one of your posts is insane?

honestly, if some of these posts are not by you and your husband then NONE of your posts are even real because they're all crazy. and everyone! read some of this sick woman's post because I think MrLea posted the truth. for MrsLea tried to claim that his location wake fake and now she claims that the username is.

is MrLea posted his last name then it wouldn't be believable.

I think your husband put MrLea so we would know it's him. he seems like a good man, in my opinion, but you're horrible to him.


"That person is an imposter with no head on their shoulders." As opposed to MrsLea01 who is dead from the neck up.



My first name is Lea.



There is no MrLea. That person is an imposter with no head on their shoulders.


Get a FN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My wife just had another complaint. She told an employee that someone forgot to flush the toilet and demanded he flush it for her.

The employee was on his lunch break. She said she did not care and said that he husband worked in home office and if he did not flush it for her that I would close the store down. He still refused and she complained about how she had to flush the toilet herself. Then she was done she wanted another employee(he too was on his lunch break to flush the toilet after she was done.

He refused and told her to flush it herself and she told him he was lazy and that I worked for home office and that he would lose his job. She made a complaint and my coworkers again teased me about my psycho wife.