Caguas, Puerto Rico
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i went to buy a refrigerator pick out the one i wanted. ask a salesperson to get for me. after waiting for 30min i ask a different salesperson for help and they told me to wait the salesperson i first spoke. i had to ask 3 more salesperson to help but not one did. after waiting for two hour. i ask to see manager then the salesperson came to let know they did not have my item. i was very very upset and ask the salesperson then y did he had me wait so long. he did not care answer. i have always shop at walmart but i think you have lost a customer

manuel bermudez

puerto rico

Monetary Loss: $413.

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seriously are you for real Tasha!! just because a person does not speak or write perfect English does not mean that they don't have a valid complaint.

no customer should have to wait two hours to be told that an item is out of stock. And to be refused help by other sales persons is just plain rudeness!

as for justanotherdude.

does that mean every foreign person has to be treated badly because they don't have perfect English!! that's blatant discrimination!!


Dude you sound like a stereo-typical chinese guy speaking bad english. I think I might know why you had so much trouble.

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