Greensboro, North Carolina

I am on a permanent medication which I have purchased from CVS with no problems whatsoever. Then Walmart advertised their $4 generics. I visited my doctor in 12/07 and was written a 12 month prescription.We own 2 properties exactly 2 driving hours apart in two different states. I filled the first month in Elkin N.C. The next month I was in Tn (on the border) and went to the Bristol, Va Walmart since I would not have enough meds before I planned to be in NC again. The pharmacist there in Bristol was quite helpful. He called the Elkin Walmart and gave me meds and told me that now I could go to Elkin when I was in NC and get my meds filled or if I was in Bristol to just stop there and get them and that I was now in Walmarts system.

Today I called the Elkin Walmart to refill and they had no record of anything. Said that my records had been transferred to Bristol. I explained the entire situation. The manager of the pharmacy there was very rude and told me that she would have to fax my doctor. Now if my doctor has to be sent a fax everytime I refill a prescription I think that's a little lax on Walmart's part. I am not going from an outside pharmacy to Walmart. This is all within Walmart's system. I then contacted Bristol Walmart who told me that Elkin was not handling this properly and that all they should have to do would be to put my name in their system and that they should not have to fax my doctor. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have 10 more refills on this prescription so does this mean that every other month or so as I go from one location to another that they will have to fax my doctor?

Walmart advertises that they are on a RX pharmacy Network Nationwide so you can go into any Walmart Pharmacy and they can access your meds online. I asked the Elkin person for their manager's name and address. She gave me a name and a phone number. I called and had to leave a message. Of course I have not had a return call.I would like to talk with this District Manager of this Elkin Pharmacy and then based on her handling of the situation, I will then make my decision whether to stay with Walmart or go back to CVS for all meds in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

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Three cheers for Wal-Mart. And now they've started selling 3 months of those generics for $10.

Wow! For my other meds that aren't generic I use the prescription discount card that I found at

Low membership fee. Drug prices posted to check before you join.


The pharmacy just rents space out of the wal mart store