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I have a small dog that likes to chew on furniture and cannot be trusted to be alone so I took my dog to your store. The manager said that there are no dogs allowed in the store.

I told him that my dog was a service dog. I am glad they did not ask for documents because well technically it is not. But because of this I had to lie about the dog being a service dog.

The worst part is that I lied in front of my children which sets a bad example for them. This is quite a shame since I have always taught them not to lie, and now I was forced to lie because of this rude manager harassing me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: rude manager.

Preferred solution: retrain manager on customer service.

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maybe you should have left the dog at home where it belongs in the first place... i mean i love dogs and all but i never did have any respect for someone that cannot practice common courtesy


He did not because apparently it chews the furniture.


lmao. Are you serious?!?!?!? ***.


No one forced you to lie. You made a choice much like your children will make a choice one day with you.

Seems like you're headed for the slippery slope of no return.

It's ok you'll be in good company since about 60% of the people around you lie as well. Feel better now?


No one forced you to lie, you simply choose to lie because you don not feel like following rules. Grow up. Also on another site you claimed this made you beat your kids, your own fault as well Grow up.


Dont cater to the poor little troll!