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I live in statesville nc and I go shoping to wallmart in 1116 crossroads dr statesville nc 28625 but I try not to go to often because employes from wallmart who have handicap stickers or license plate use the parking spaces for handicap customers I AM so sorry but if they are inn better healt than me to the point that they are able to work they shouldnt park in handicap spaces because I can hardly walk and I can not find a handicap parking space because I have seen it myself when they park in these spaces.I have asked to speak to the store manager but some how hi is never in the store all the times that I have asked to speak whit him

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: talk to employes about being fear of phisycal condition of others.

Walmart Pros: Selection of items.

Walmart Cons: Customer srvice.

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Some of these people can work but mostly their work is sit down type of work, greeters, answering telephones ect. If they truly are handicapped as you seem to indicate than you should ask if they can post more handicapped places.


i never said that they were not handicapped there are always handicapped spots, but i have to find one closest to the door, if they can wokr they are less handicaped than i am. so there are five handicaped places or six, and three in each row, and they park closer to the store and i have to park in the furthest handicap place cause i harely ever find one closes to the store, if they are as handicaped as me they should not be working, the government takes care of them and they don't need to work, i get food stamps and reduced rent because i am handicapped and cannot work and these people should do the same if they are that handicaped so i can park closest to store. maybe they don't know about getting money from the government and the manager is not telling them and paying them less because they do easy jobs