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I was with my boyfriend and two of my children looking at home goods for our house and put a vacuum in my cart and seen a guy watching me but not just watching me straight up creeping me out since i felt harassed once before by same guy in another store! He kept on so i thinking hes a guy off the street asked him to stop and he was really creeping me out to the point my hair on the back of my neck were standing up!

He kept on to the poont my boyfriend told him to stop staring at me... i felt so uncomfortable i got a guy from electronics and asked him to please call the cops cause there was a guy following me... the tallish red blond hair guy kept on even after so the electronic guy said to go to costomer service so i did... they said call the cops yourself so i was going to i even asked them to and i said so its ok to have a guy following me crreping me out.

They than took me and my boyfriend in a room and i said i wantef to get my kids i was straight up told no and told i cant leave... i stood up and said *** im trying to get help and im getting put in a room and denyed my children. I got the kids and said im calling the cops myself. Cops came and we got told the guy was security ( which we found out when he came to room with us) and they are not to disclose that.

We got banned as well! Ive never felt so disgusted in my life! I got straight up harassed in a *** way even for security! Than when i asked for help straight up treated in the worse possibly way!

My kids even were scared and thought this guy was *** and was harassing me! Ill never go back and if your a secret shopper or security checking me out and staring and playing peek a boo acting seriously dangerous and i dont know your security i think you need a new job!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Security Guard.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Youre full of chit and hot busted.


Sounds like you ran into a "wannabe cop" hiding out with Walmart's vaunted security. I expect you called attention to yourselves by either the two disruptive kids you had with you or your physical appearance, eg., abnormal dress or metal objects stuck into your face and skin. He was thus suspicious of you, with good cause.


Agree with ya, except for the metal objects stuck into your face and skin part, as I'm one of these people. I also have tattoos, but it's not about me, it's about this tale that the OP has been weaving.

Got a good laugh tonight. Pleasant dreams.


You got banned because you made trouble where none needed to exist. get over it.


That's part of loss preventions job is to watch people inconspicuously to make sure they don't steal. but a lot of times they give themselves away when they continually follow you. Or stand at the end of an aisle and stare at you.


I don't believe a thing you wrote.


I believe it but I think she left out some vital details. I don't think we heard the entire story.