I am a regular customer of Walmart. The address of the store I shop at is 4469 Washington Road, Evans, GA 30809.

Today, I came to the store to load my Walmart card in order to purchase gas. It took me at least 25 minutes to wait for my turn.

I informed the lady cashier that I need to load my Walmart card. She asked me, "you want a bank?" I told her politely add money to my Walmart card. She informed me that I am yelling.

She was very nasty and rude to me. I told her that I am not yelling at you. She rolled her eyes at me. When I paid her cash.

The customer who was right behind me is a Caucasian man.

She greeted him politely, "how are you sir?" To me, she did not greet me at all. This is because I am Asian and am to be discriminated. I do not deserve to be treated inhumanly. I would appreciate the manager, Mr.

Bradley to contact me.

Thank you.

Details from my receipt are as follow:

OP# 000025 TE# 06 TR# 08490. The date and time on my receipt is 04/25/21 16:43:02

Location: Evans, Georgia

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