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On Friday at about 8pm I went to your store in Pittsberg Phildelphia. Outside the store they were selling hamburgers and hotdogs for $2, pop, for $1 and a combo for $2.50. Cheeseburgers also cost $2. My daughter being very hungey wanted two patties on her bun. I was charged $4 for this. This price was told AFTER the hamburger was made and given to my daughter. I told them that this was not right because they did not charge extra for the cheese when in the restaurants cheeseburgers cost more. They told me that cheese was not that expensive and that people can add cheese burgers to their burgers if they wanted to. I told them that this was unfair because they don't charge extra for cheese and they charge exta for meat. They refused to give it to me for $2. Now $2 is not much to me.

I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year, it is the principle of the matter. I told them that I don't want the burgers if they were going to be rude about $2. They told me that my daughter already put ketchup on the burger and touched it so they can't take it back. I told them that I refused to pay for it and asked for a manager. A manager came out and told me that this is for charity when I asked him why they were charging a whole dollar for a can of pop. I threw the burger in the trash and told him since my daughter cannot eat it that my money is wasted. Then left. My daughter started crying and I told her that she had to walk home. I work ten hours a day and am fed up and I not only have to deal with incompetient employees but a whinny daughter thanks to these employees. Some goody two shoes called CPS on me and had reported this as neglect. Now because of the incometient manager and sales associate my daughter is being placed in her father's care. Her father is a deadbeat dad.

I am not demanding anything because there are rude people who want to put me down because I make more money than them. I am just suggesting that for this poor customer service as a good gesture I should have gotton a gift card, and a coupon to a restaurant as my daughter could not get the burger she wanted. Because of this incident I did not buy the things I wanted to buy. My trip was wasted. At four dollars a gallon for gas this is unacceptable. I can only visit her on supervised visits so her meal will be ruined again because it would be cold.

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Is it just me or does this person seem to be in a lot of place to be a full-time nursevwho works "many stressful shifts"? If you go up all the way, it says that this article is in Ajax, Ontario, along with all the other articles I've seen, and it says in this article that she's in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia (For goodness sakes, if she even lived near there, she would be able to spell that).

And then all of a sudden in the comment below, she's in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Not only is this woman horrible, but she may even be real and have some form of Paranoid Schizophrenia which has caused her to be paranoid and download a program online that bounces her I.P. address from place to place so it's harder to trace back these posts to her. Well, that's just a hypothesis I've concluded with my analysis of her "location" bouncing from place to place.

xP Let your brain take in those fancy words. xP


This is a made up fake story from the Democrat party. Union thugs are paid to troll all forums and leave negative remarks about Walmart.

I've read the same fake stories over and over. Stop believing this *** ***


Deadbeat or now, your ex would not endanger a child by allowing her to walk home at night Your daughter can easily be sexually assault by someone white as those you mentioned.


Folks, this person is nothing but a troll. Every single one of their 'stories' ends with, "I am a nurse making 90k a year". It's a load of bull; this person is probably some 13 year old who thinks this is amusing.



its only $4! and you told your dauhter to WALK home!

were you like a teenage mother cause you have some real issues lady.

You are just SAD.

You got what was coming to You.


The only thing you are upset about is not enough people listening to your wacked out made up *** you freakin psycho!!!


This story has got to be fiction made up by someone who wanted to hit a nerve out here. If it is REAL, by some chance, it sounds as if your child is better off with her father right now and I will pray for her and you.

I would never put my child out of the car to walk home. For the record, I'm black, a nurse and live in a neighborhood mostly white. My daughter knows not to get in the car with ANY stranger, not just "blacks, hispanics, or indians." My daughter is precious to me and for that reason I'm careful to pick my battles for life is short.

I pray that you will take this time to deal with whatever issues brought you to this point so that you can have a normal, loving relationship with your daughter because she will always need her mom. God Bless.


Why is it 3 out of 4 stories on this website involve a "nurse" or somebody making "90k a year" and writing it in their stories?!?!?!? Is this coincidence....I think not!

These stories are bunk....don't fall for them and for gods sake don't add comments cause the stories aren't real. Either that or the only people that recieve *** service in the world are nurses or people making "90k a year"......give me a break!

Boycott this *** website!!!!!


You just want someone else to blame for your mistakes. People shouldn't harm children nor should they ever tell their child to walk home like that.

If you would think before you speak then you wouldn't tell your child to walk home.

Since you're her parent and she's 10, that would also be your fault.



If someone had kidnapped, or murdered my daughter it would not be my fault. It would be the manager's fault for being too cheap to give an extra patty to her.

If he had given it to her, she would not have been punished. If my daughter was acting mature about this and not crying she would have gone home with me.

There are tons of blacks, hispanics and Indians living in the neighborhood so this possible scenero is likely, however my daughter knows better than to get into a car with a stranger, especially if that stranger is black, hispanic or Indian. If she disobeyed anything which happens to her would be her fault and the manager's for being cheap.


Nobody told you to say them horrible things to your daughter. Nobody held you at gun point to such a *** thing like that.

I know you're fed up with some stuff but lets face it; if you really give a *** about your kids then you would not be that way. You would just punish them when necessary (and only when) and then move on.

Now if someone killed or kidnapped your daughter because of your own mistake would you still be saying that she deserved that? I really don't think she does.

If I should ever have a child I would want them to be safe even if I did think that they made a dumb decision I would want them to be safe.

Children are innocent so how dare you tell me that your daughter would deserve that. Getting into a car with a stranger could be the LAST thing that she does.


its people like this that are stuck up because they make alot of money. I have to work my back off at wal mart for a small amoint of pay. i have no car and have to walk everywehre and this *** mother is so selfish, and makes her poor daughter walk while she does not know what it is like to have to work hard every day, while she has a nice professional job

makes alot of money, and has at least 2 cars in her driveway.

i dont feel sorry for her and i hope she never gets her kid back she is to selfish griping about an extra charge for an extra patty just becaus eshe is so called high class.

she does not derserve to have kids.


If something bad happened to my daughter because she was dumb enough to get in the car with a black man then she deserves her faith. She would not be forced in that situation if they had given me the hamburger she wanted. It would be the store's fault and I would have sued them.


I know you don't want to hear this but you were wrong to tell your child that she needs to walk home. If she did that, a very bad person could have picked her up and done something bad to her.

A mother did this to her two daughters. Her two children were bickering in the back seat and she told them to get out. They both got out and then one of them started to cry and she got back into the car. The other one was LEFT at a intersection.

Someone picked that little girl up, bought her some ice cream, and took her to the police station. The mother called and said that her child is missing... The mother is now doing some time for the same thing that you just did... Or didn't do.

Paying for some black mama to raise her child? In a way we help you. Who gives you your salary? No patients = No salary.


Again it is not the $2 dollars I am upset about it is the principle. Read people. I could care less if the burger costs $2 or $10, however they chose to tell me the price after I asked for two patties for the burger. They should have at least taken a dollar off for the bread since both the patties were going to be on the same buns. Besides I work hard for my money why should I have to pay for some black momma to take care of her children because she either does not know who the father is or the father left after making her pregnant. READ PEOPLE.

Also even $2 for one burger is a rip off. I can get for frozen patties for that price. However they are chosing to take advantage of single working parents who don't always have time to cook by charging this high a price.


Yeah, I understand lady. The other day I ordered a chicken sandwich and wanted another chicken breast put on it and they dared to charge me for the extra chicken breast. So I flipped out in front of my kid and taught her a lesson that I am a CRAZY PERSON!!!!


Really??? You are complaining because you assumed you could get something for free that obviously wasn't free?

If you wanted extra meat, why didnt you ask how much they would charge for extra meat... and it is a fundraiser, if you really make as much as you say you do, you should have thrown them a little extra anyhow you selfish bi***! This is pathetic...

good thing your daughter is with her dad... i hope you are never my nurse psycho!


Its people like this that makes me a fan of abortion...........


Well, it's about time someone did that. Someone called CPS because you were being ugly and telling your kid that they better walk home.

CPS took your kid away from you and you still think that someone was incompetent for calling CPS.

Listen honey, if CPS takes your kids away that more than likely means that YOU'RE doing something wrong, not someone ya big goof.

You called a person incompetent yet you misspelled incompetent.


I can not believe that your now saying how much of a deadbeat dad your daughters father is. WHO GIVES A *** Your number one concern should be for your kids.

Sounds like your just trying to be a BIT** ARE YOU SERIOUS trying to say that a slice of cheese is the same as a hamburger patty?

Your to blame for this situation and they should take your daughter from you. Go make your 90K and enjoy it without your daughter.