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I am told I have to write a notarized letter stating this review is incorrect to stop the bullying and immature comments. Shame on pissedconsumer for your tactics and allowing big companies to respond for a fee. I have already spoken to the proper government agencies about this issue and will be replying via them.

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2014

Every time I go to this Walmart Gresham road Store # 3709 I normally have my bags checked even though no one else does. I have witnesses who can attest that I am normally the only person who is stopped.

This hasn't happened in a couple of months until today - and now Ive realized its the same person who stops me. In fact no one has been checking bags the last two months - I shop there once a week. NO ONE was getting stopped for receipt checks as I was leaving and when I was walking in. As I am almost out the door, approaching the sliding glass doors, the same woman that stops me pops out from behind a security shroud and says ma'am I have to check your receipt.

I cant find the receipt since I shoved it in the depths of my purse. She stands in front of my cart not allowing me to leave, meanwhile about 4-5 different customers with bags and carts are let through with unchecked receipts. She has me standing in the middle of the area people forced to walk around me, at this time I started getting embarrassed. I asked her why aren't you checking their items and I received no reply.

She states I am not allowed to leave I must go to the register and get the receipt. When I get to the register the cashier says I can't help you she signed a credit card receipt, I don't know what to do. Another person shows up to the register and the 3 of them start gossiping and ignoring me. I finally find the receipt, and at this point she does not even look in my cart, she takes the receipt and highlights the date on it.

I walk away and she stands at the register still talking while there is a steady flow of people walking out the door. All I had in my cart was two rubbermaid clear container items, a folding table, and one small bag with a can of soda and wax melts in it. (none of this was checked).

I would also like to mention when I went to pick out the containers there were beer caps from bottles in the containers, like someone was drinking and threw them in there. I was so upset I took this issue to social media and have been contacted by a lawyer and tv station due to this highly illegal situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Harrassed by an employee.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I am a disabled White male. I have NEVER been asked to show my receipt .

I see the types of people who are stopped and clearly some profiling is done here. Just use normal security measures like other stores & don't leave it up to a siNGOs minimum wage employee to profile people for security checks.


I don't get why this person is mad about the greeter! I usually stop to talk to the greeter anyways, and they wave me on, because I am a very talkative person.

By the way. I am glad wal-mart put that position back. I is a good job for disabled people, who otherwise would not be able to work. As for getting stopped each time.

Maybe the greeter likes you!

Ha! Ha!

First B

She is upset because the greeter is stopping her and singling her out, just because of the colour of her skin. That alone is illegal and yeah the greeter job gives a job to disabled people, but do you know how walmart treats their employees?

They treat their disabled employees even worse because they think they are doing a good deed by hiring these people. Not all stores but some allow other employees and customer to bully these people and don't take action because it is hard for disabled people to find jobs, so they just take the abuse.

It is a good thing they put that position back, but they should treat people proper. Anyways back to the review, if this person is being singled out for whatever reason the greeter should stop, if she does not have bags the first time I can understand but every time.

@First B

***, blacks have the nerve to play the race card whenever they don't get their way, they want preferred treatment at times, and if they don't they say racism. It is okay to be discriminated if it benefits them.

@First B

That's funny, no where in the post did I read anything referring to "skin color".


One more thing that I would like to add, the IP address of the review and the one claiming the greeter matches our records, it appears that you are trying to have your review deleted because you made a comment which you would like to remove, keep in mind we have all activities on file with the IP address posted, the post where you accused the greeter of racism matches the post from the original review.


We have checked, the review and the post where you posted about being singled out because of the color of your skin and just so you know the both the review and the person making the post about being discriminated against because of their race have the same IP address, keep in mind we have ways of finding these things out and the best way to do this would be for you to tell the truth about your post. It is quite obvious that you want this review deleted because of your error of judgement, to have your post removed contact http://www.pissedconsumer.com/static/publications/pissed-consumer-questions-and-answers-faq-2.html

Please watch this video for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZToobE7IHjE

@***ed ***sumer Support

This practice of checking receipts is and can be discriminatory it that it does not treat "everyone the same" this type of practice invites discrimination on several levels, "race, gender, sexual orientation and income levels.

I have been stopped and did show my receipt but found it totally out of taste and unbecoming of the way a customer should be treated, especially after just spending 3 or 4 hundred dollars with them.

As far as the racial discrimination I have personally heard comments from Walmart employees at the Cushing and Chandler Ok stores regarding race and sexual orientation and I believe that the practice is approved of by the management of these stores.

I have a solution to the problem and that is easy, just stop shopping at stores like Walmart who use these tactics, I am willing to pay more money for my items and shop elsewhere, if they don't want my business I can give it to someone who does and be done with this low class treatment for good and in truth get better quality products in the exchange.


Honey you are not being bullied, posting comments you do not agree with is not bullying. If you do not like this site perhaps you should not return. I don't think you should be returning because you feel that hurting your feelings by not saying what you want to read it immature and bullying, you are the one acting immature.


You are probably imagine things, this is not a race issue, and the only immature one is you for pretending you never wrote that comment about your lawyer playing the race card, nothing immature about telling you that you should have checked with your lawyer before posting anything.


Just stop going there. I'm not in love with every business I walk into, but I'm free to not go back.

Stop making a federal case about it and vote with your wallet. You can live without Walmart, I promise.


Anyway what I am trying to say is that I feel like I am being discriminated against because I want to protect and save the environment. I ask for no bags and I feel because none of my items are bagged she feels that I am stealing from them.

The only item I asked for a bag for was the soda incase leaks all over my other items. That is what I was told when I questioned her about why she was checking the receipt, however I have a feeling it has to do more with the color of my skin than anything and she is just using that as an excuse.

I don't know if this is true but my lawyer is telling me to say this in court because most people will sympathize more with being discriminated for being black than they would for me wanting to protect the environment by reducing plastic bags. Either way it is illegal.


I was all with you until you played the race card, it does not matter if you are black, white or Martian green, if you have items not in bags than they will ask to check your receipts, I take it from the fact that you are playing the race card and that you are keep misplacing your receipt and don't keep it after several experiences with her with asking for your receipt that you are 14 years old? An immature one at that. Maybe mommy still needs to take you shopping with her because you cannot go unsupervised.


I did not post that comment nor do I know who did. I would actually like to remove it, because I do not want to be associated with anyone that would use race in such a manner. This is not a race issue this is mainly a rights issue.


I like how when someone points out someone`s flaws they claim they never made that post instead of admitting they made a mistake, it just makes them look foolish. Someone called you out on for making the racist post and you claim you did not make that post. Next time think before you post, and if you make a foolish post do the adult thing and admit to it.



If you would like to remove a posting or comment you must email or mail Pissed Consumer with a proper notarized letter. Notarized letter must be written according to the sample given in our FAQ (Question 5): http://www.pissedconsumer.com/static/publications/pissed-consumer-questions-and-answers-faq-2.html

Please watch this video for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZToobE7IHjE


Are you blind, race issues are a form of a civil rights issue, just as sexual orientation and gender discrimination is, It happens every day and I believe mainly due to the types of people these stores hire, un educated and low wage individuals who spend most of their time standing around taking instead of working. I would think the store would loose more money paying these non productive employees than in the loss of products.


Using race as a way to win over court cases or situations is a deplorable action. If you feel that you did in any way have your rights violated then action should be taken at a higher level.


I don't know who you think you are fooling, my guess is your lawyer advised you to *** your post claiming racism because it could be used against you in court. You really should consult with your lawyer before making any claims, especially since you are telling your actions to the ones you are taking to court.

My advice is to think before you post because once you post something you cannot remove it.