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Your police is unfair. I don't know when a few months ago or something someone accidentally knocked over a coke bottle, it fell on the floor and the coke spilled out.

The person told the person at the desk where you return things that I spilled this coke, and said they would pay for it, they said they don't have to because they have a budget for these things when someone breaks something. But I made a mistake and I stole some things from your store and they called the cops they should have let it go because they have a budget for theft as well. I think that other person should have paid for the coke since you have a budget both on theft and accidents.

So either make that person pay for coke or don't be hard on shoplifters even if they did something wrong. In other words punish both or none.

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There is a big difference between stealing and Breaking a bottle of soda.Actually i feel like anyone who steals needs to be prosecuted.People stole so bad in the Walmart on I-30 in Dallas,Texas til i at one time felt this Walmart is going to go broke.Even the people that worked there at this location was thieves.If you used a check to pay for your purchase,They would some how charge your credit card twice and They would steal the second charge and pocket it with cash out of their drawer.When the big screen tvs where out,The clerks working in the back where letting the tvs go for $100.00 -$200.00.Everywhere you looked someone was selling a big screen tv from Walmart.I started shopping at another Walmart.


store employees steal the most from any given store. Lost prevention has more cameras on employees but the issues comes in when the employees gang together to do the stealing.

it is harder to catch. The new policy 2013 is in effect because it cost more to go after little amounts of shoplifting. they cut hours of lost prevention ect.

LESS EMPLOYEEs looking is costing wallmart less money, and they could care less when the EMPLOYEE steals from the CUSTOMER. good luck trying to get the tape to prove the EMPLOYEE stole from you.

First Born Triplet

Well in his or her side they never said that they pressed charges. They just called the cops, sometimes when a child steals the parents want them to call the cops to press scare the child into not stealing again.

I do however think this is trolling like everyone else, however if it is not then stealing is done on purpose while dropping bottles is done accidentally. Now the policy would be reversed if say you got into an argument with younger brother or sister or parents and threw the bottle at them and it broke. You would be charged then for the bottle.

But if say you accidentally took something from the store and later returned it because you did not realize that you had left with it they won't press charges. It all has to do with your intention.


Don't worry troll walmart doesn't care knock over all the COKES you want!! In particular, the new shoplifting document explains to Wal-Mart workers that "the guidelines for prosecution of shoplifters have changed: the retail value of the merchandise recovered must exceed $25, and the suspected shoplifter must be at or between the ages of 18 and 65."


Where did the poster say that they are not between 18-65. How do you know they did not steal over $25 of stuff. If this is true, then I have one more year to steal before they press charges and even then I can steal from them as long as it comes up to $24.99 each time I enter the store.

First Born Triplet

Hey is this $24.99 before tax or after taxÉ

@First Born Triplet

Hey in UK you don`t have to worry about the tax thing, they have the tax included in the price. So we know exactly how much to steal in a situation like this. I mean stealing is wrong *** typo.


google it, last year it changed Wal-Mart is moving away from what it called a zero-tolerance policy on prosecuting shoplifters and will now only prosecute anyone caught taking merchandise worth $25 or more, according to a published report. The New York Times reports the change in policy, citing internal documents from Wal-Mart


lol this is actually a pretty good troll comment I almost bought it. till you admit that you stole something that's where I started smelling the ***.

firstly spilling the coke is 100% different then taking something without paying and leaving with it.

the spilled beverage is budgeted because it has/will happen.

but they didn't TAKE the drink with them without paying then spilled it that would still be theft.

but thanks for making me laugh by suggesting they should let you go for stealing. that made my day