Shame, Shame, SHAME on Walmart for marking up the price of Hatchimals when they get them in stock! WALMART currently had some via online this morning but at prices of $250 to $270 each!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WALMART????? I understand 3rd parties getting away with this ***, but a retailer like Walmart? Or any retailer.

These toys normally sell for $50. And if it weren't for unreasonable people/parents buying them for that amount, they couldn't and WOULDN'T get away with it. I'm appalled. My granddaughter asked for one for Christmas - guess it won't be happening for her!

Walmart and stores that do this are a SCROOGE in my book!!!! Please feel free to share, share, share!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spin Master Toy.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Toy usually sells 50 dollars walmart selling for 269 dollars.

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Walmart Executive Office called me this afternoon. Told me that the Hatchimals were being sold in their Marketplace by 3rd party vendors and vendors are allowed to set their own prices.

However, Walmart still gets money from these vendors AND Walmart also invoices and ships products like these under the Walmart name. Still wrong!


If you had made it past 7th grade, you'd know the simple concept of supply and demand.


No need to be such a rude person. And so you know - got a call from Walmart Executive office this afternoon.

These particular Hatchimals aren't "officially" being sold by the Walmart store. They're being sold by 3rd party marketplace vendors that have the ability to set their own prices. Much like Amazon. My response to the person that called...As long as Walmart gets any kind of payment/funds from these 3rd party vendors, then Walmart is still guilty.

To me, Walmart IS NOT AMAZON, where most consumers are totally aware of the fact that vendors sell products on their site.

Lesson learned for me. Still unhappy about it.