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Not sure if the Hatchimiles bath bombs were sold in other retail stores, but I know for a fact they were sold at Walmart. I bought my daughter three to put in her stocking for Christmas.

Used one of the three then threw the rest away! We stay home every Christmas Day and relax spending time as a family and kids get to play with their new toys all day. She decided she wanted to take a bath before I began cooking dinner and wanted to use one of her Hatchimiles bath bombs she got. So I filled up the bath then tossed it in and once it began to fizz her and her sibling jumped in.

They played in bath for about 10 minutes then I washed them up which took another 5 minutes then after a total of 15 minutes at most of them sitting in bath with the bath bomb water they got out and I drained it down. I dried them both off and they got dressed. My youngest wasn’t to affected, but had a few random bumps that looked like maybe pimples sort of. There was like a cluster of three on the butt, then one random bigger one on left arm then there was two on the right leg up by thigh.

Only being three I left alone and didn’t dare to try to pop them since I wasn’t sure exactly what it was since typically a toddler doesn’t get a pimple and especially on random areas of the body not prone to get pimples. They all appeared as this type of reddish bump which had a white head look to the higher point/top of each bump. He did scratch the one on his arm which made it pop and a bit of pus came out followed by blood. And the cluster of three on the *** I accidentally popped at different times while wiping during diaper changes.

The two on the leg remained almost a week later still being red bump with the pus so I touched them asking if it hurt which didn’t do using two Q-tips I easily pushed out the pus. Wasn’t a bother or effected him. There’s no signs now of these bumps, but was very weird. Now my daughter she was worse.

She’s got super sensitive skin like me and she has barley tapped her shin on side of table which the area will look extremely red seconds after just by her barley walking into something. Same if she gets an itch and she scratches for two seconds normally like anyone else would. Her and someone else could be told to scratch their neck as if there was a typical itch that will go away after a second of lightly using your nails to get rid of it. Other person won’t have any trace behind showing they just scratched their neck, but with her she’ll instanly have scratch marks behind that appear as a bright red like someone had forcefully clawed her.

So about 20 minutes tops after she got out the bath that had the bath bomb in it I noticed her skin all over, but her face was blotchy with close together spots that was a deep, dark bright red. Looked a bit like hives, but wasn’t since she’s had hives before from a allergic reaction and typically hives on her appear blotchy looking, but the red spots rise up then appear white st the top of each hive that she has. Plus hives she gets very itchy and complains to me after about ten minutes of her scratching and not getting any relief. Weird thing was about an hour later after me noticing these blotchy spots all over her legs, arms, stomach and chest she told me her skin felt like it was burning all over.

I asked if she meant maybe it was really itchy and confusing the bad itch with a burning sensation, but she had no urge to scratch. She told me it wasn’t itchy also because she thought at first maybe that was it too so tried to scratch an area and said it was painful and didn’t feel good. Everyone’s had hives or even a bug bite that will have that itching sensation that’ll drive you crazy. Can feel like burning if left unscratched to some, but regardless if it’s feeling itchy or past that feeling like it’s burning the second you scratch it you get that instant “Ahhhh” relief then keep scratching and scratching to get rid of that terrible sensation and to be able to feel relief.

You shouldn’t feel a more intense burning feeling scratching something that’s intensely itchy. She said if she scratched it felt like and hurt like she was pulling her skin off. I put calamine lotion all over her eventually once I gave her Benadryl and it did nothing. After about 3 days with having blotchy skin that she suffered with saying that it all burned, using calamine lotion multiple times in a day those 3 days she finally told me the burning sensation was gone.

I was also putting her in Luke warm showers multiple times a day over the period of those 3 days intentionally washing away the old calamine lotion, but I think it helped to rinse away any residue from that bath bomb that was left behind on her skin. It probably would have washed away quicker if I had her use some body wash soap, but I was nervous to do that where her skin is so sensitive and she was in pain from the burning sensation. I only assume that where she said it burnt/hurt just grazing her skin, even complained multiple times the clothes she was wearing at points when it was sitting against her skin would burn. We determined it had to be from the Hatchimiles bath bomb and decided on throwing out the remaining two.

She never once ate anything new to her diet or took or touched anything. She’s known to be allergic to certain things which aren’t typically things you’ve got in the house just laying around. About 2-3 days later after figuring out her rash was from bath bombs and throwing them out her skin fully cleared up and same day I came across a post in Facebook that was typed up and posted by a mom who was warning others on the Hatchimiles bath bombs because her daughter got some also for Christmas and she ended up with a chemical reaction that caused burns! It all added up then and there with my daughter complaint of burning sensations and anything touched her skin made it feel worse.

It healed pretty fast, but I’m assuming since I was drowning her skin all over in Calamine lotion multiple times daily. It’s meant to heal wounds, help with itchy hives, bug bites ect and give relief with burns and heal quicker. Glad I threw the rest out, but upset I didn’t save package to look really good into ingredients. If anyone bought their kids these bath bombs and haven’t used them yet then I highly advise just return them and buy regular bath bombs or throw them away.

It isn’t worth the hassle or gamble your child might or might not end up with a chemical reaction and have burns all over their body. If more cases of these come up then a class action lawsuit should be made. I contacted Walmart on the issue which local Walmart I called still had remaining ones on shelves marked down on clearance. I tried to contact Hatchimiles maker on these bath bombs and got nowhere.

Maybe they will finally listen once they receive more than one of the same complaint and multiple people calling to inform them all having the same exact issue. I find it funny I had the same issue with my child that another local mom had with her daughter and involving the same exact product. Please beware and stay away from Hatchimiles bath bombs! Don’t risk your kids using it hoping a chance it won’t effect your kids skin.

There’s probably multiple people who haven’t had any issues, but there’s some slowly popping up that have had same issues and reactions. My son and daughter both used same bath bomb which gave her chemical burns all over yet didn’t affect my son one bit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Bomb.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Too long to read however if you knew she had sensitive skin then why did you not buy her products that are specifically made for sensitive skin, this is all on you and obviously you are a horrible parent that deserves to have her children taken away from her