I placed an order dec 14 and dated to be delivery dec 24, I trusted Walmart on they delivery date, but I didnt get it, ruined Christmas

Location: New York, New York

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Sigh another spoiled brat who is claiming that Christmas is "ruined" because they did not get what they wanted on time. While they should deliver the item as promised, if this "ruined" Christmas you obviously do not know the true meaning of Christmas.

There are some people who cannot feed their families on Christmas, this was a bad year and a lot of people lost loved ones to Covid.

There are children in the hospital with cancer who cannot go home. There are people who have family members overseas for the holidays yet your spoiled self claims that Christmas was ruined because you did not get your order.


I got a lump of coal in my stocking this year. I'm gonna make the best of a bad situation and get a piece of cardboard and use the coal to write the words on a panhandling sign that says "NO WORK, NO BABE, NO LIFE, HALP!"

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