Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Walmart has banned me from any and all stores around the world for doing nothing except a new employee that does not like firearms in Deming New Mexico Store!!!!! Had me escorted to the local police department and after 3 hours the police decided I had broken no laws and released me.

I now have an attorney helping to resolve this stupidity after carrying a weapon for over 7 years with Wilmar's permission. Walmart is good at bate and switch with outeven telling you as the last time I was there they coursed me into signing a document saying I had been warrened not to enter even he parking lot or be arrested for Criminal Trespass Even when I have not broken and state or federal laws or any of their internal rules and they broken their own rules multiple times!!

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How *** *** are you!! Any sane adult knows you cannot joke about something like that u *** ***!!