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The eye center at Walmart in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania are deceptive in selling their glasses and don't back or honor the warranties on their products. Specifically, Kaylin, Manager, of the eye department sold me a pair of glasses on 06-14-2010, which weren't the prescription I had given her.

I had trouble seeing through them and she told me it was because I was use to my old lenses. I took the glasses to my eye doctor and he said they weren't the prescription he prescribed. I went back to see Kaylin and she gave me a hard time, insinuated my doctor didn't know what he was talking about,told me all about her experience in selling glasses and wasn't going to do any thing about it, until my eye doctor called her. Kaylin then ordered me the lenses as precribed and I was able to see out of them.

I used them until the beginnig of 2011 and they became very cloudy. I waited until my eye appointment on October 17, 2011 and my eye doctor said that they had put a reflective coating on them, which makes them cloudy and instructed me to ask them to remove the coating. On 10-19-2011, I went to see Kaylin and explained the problem I was having with my glasses. This time she insinuated that I wasn't properly cleaning my glasses and they were scratches.

When I asked her about the scratch guard they put on, she said that it doesn't prevent scratches and again insinuated I wasn't properly cleaning my glasses. For the record, when Kaylin sold me the scratch guard, she presented in a manner that it prevented scratches. I then asked her about having the reflective protection taken off and she flatly refused. I spoke with the store manager and she went to speak to Kaylin.

At this time Kaylin told her that if the reflective protection was bad, it would be peeling off the glasses. Either the eye center stand by their product and make it right, or refund my money of $323.00. I appreciate it if you send me a response to my email address at radams223@yahoo.com. If you need to contact me I can be reached at (570)713-4591.

If Walmart isn't in charge of the eye center at thier store in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, then please send me the address of the individuals in charge of it, their email address and telephone number.

Thank you for you assistance.

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1) I see you posted your phone number. You may want to post your street address so that they can send the Brinks truck over to your home with your $323 and a dozen roses.

2) Who the he11 waits a year and a half to *** about their lenses?

Did you just wear them or is your name Mr. Magoo?

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