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the Head Store Manager (ELONA) contact me few few days later and apologies to the Manager act with customer (me). I had to stop by the same day to meet her and give more details and my prospective on how I felt from this act and this Failure.

I met in Person with ELONA and had short conversation about this indecent and fact, she apologizes many times and promises to talk directly to person respond and will correct and will address the issue. I accepted this action and further more i walk with her and explain how the store fail to explain to the customer that item was not return , her answer was the cashier should of told me when i paid this that this item is not returnable and it was lack of training. bottom line she apologies and I accepted her apologizes and offer to give me a $20 in gift card which I accept for her behalf.

ELONA is a very professional Store manager and I felt very comfortable talking to her in person. Her action was very respectful, I hope that Walmart hire more people with same level with ELONA.

Original review posted by user May 02, 2018

THIS IS REGARDING MY COMPLAINT (Walmart - Horrible! just lost my business forever).(Review #1245399).

after the issue I had with store experience, I spend an hour talking to customer service at Walmart center online. She directed me to contact the head store manager to solve the problem because Walmart can't do anything online and the fix has to come from the store itself.

they gave the name for the HEAD STORE MANAGER HER NAME (ELONA). I called and requested her by name but they told me she is in meeting !!! and asked for my number, so I gave the store my number and they told me the manager will call you back. after 5-10 minute the Manger (ELONA) called me back and asked whats the problem, again i had to tell her about what happen and rude manger on floor. and I also gave her the exact time and asked her to go and review your video and she requested the TC# on my receipt and i gave her that too, and i also offered her to come back to store and talk in person but she said no need to come just give me time to review the video and talk to rude manager (BRIAN) and i will call you back tomorrow.

This Head store manager (ELONA) never returned my call to let me know what her correct of action for her rude manager act and what will she do to fix future issues like this.

To me it's a BIG JOKE and HUGE LIE that Walmart hire Mangers to run their business and rune their reputation.

hope that Walmart look at their store managers and put this in their reviews.

this act give me one more reason to not shop at Walmart again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This Head store manager (ELONA) never returned my call to let me know what her correct of action for her rude manager act and what will she do to fix future issues like this...No Manager will tell Any customer Exactly What actions were taken regarding Any employee at Any business with whom the customer had a problem with.The customer will be notified that the situation was addressed.That is it.